Media Training

Communication begins and ends with people

When the message being delivered has intent and a clear voice and face, the organization has made an effective start to a conversation with the public. The effectiveness of organizational leaders increasingly depends on communication skills. Different techniques adapted to each particular case create clear results that mark a before and an after in audience acceptance and transformation of public perception.

The spokesman is a powerful communications vehicle

Corporate communications begins when a spokesperson delivers credible key messages, opening opportunities that only dialog and transparency can build over the long term. The act of communicating starts and ends with people. Effective results come into play when your spokespeople know the importance of your message and can deliver it effectively.

Our Services

Executive communication is a highly successful vehicle for managing reputation. Through our proven training methodology, we build executive communication skills.

We have experience in strengthening the abilities of spokespeople at various executive levels.

  • General communications skills, including development and delivery of key messages.
  • Customized communications workshops and executive coaching programs.
  • Media training for senior managers and corporate spokespeople.
  • Internal communications training for middle and senior managers.
  • Communications training for disruptive events, including M&A scenarios.

We plan our programs with detailed research for each organization and  industry. Each participant receives session-provided manuals as well as optional, post-training consulting. All strategic or sensitive information is managed with strict confidentiality.

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