Public Relations

Communication drives perception

Transforming perceptions is the final  of communications. Under this premise, our communications programs for our clients aim to reach key target audiences, assuring consistency between messages and organizational strategy.

Our Methodology: The multiplying factor

We started as a strategic consultancy in 2010 and soon added agency services to meet the needs of our clients looking for support to implement the strategies we created. The management of public relations programs, through traditional and digital media, has become one of our greatest strengths.

We develop a roadmap to cultivate virtuous, on-going communications processes that build reputation over time. Based on the diagnosis and analysis of the situation at hand, we develop “tailor-made” solutions for each client.

Market Expansion


We have successfully managed new market entry program and brand positioning in various market segments, including consumer, luxury & lifestyle, professional services, technology, and pharmaceutical, covering market entry positioning, product launch, and brand awareness, among others.

Corporate Positioning


 Our track record handling corporate reputation matters, includes effective placement of content in a vast range of media across topics and industries in Ecuador and across Latin America. Our results are measured through quantitative and qualitative metrics, including increases in reputation and brand affinity.

Professional Services


Making visible intangible skills and serve offerings is a leading communication challenge in the professional services sector. Our experience includes increasing the visibility of these brands by highlighting sector expertise and specialty practice areas, facilitating acceptance and encouraging sustained interest.

Specialized Topics


Managing communication in highly specialized and regulated industries is one of our strengths, including the health & pharmaceutical, financial services, and oil & gas industries. We have developed highly successful campaigns, incorporating regulator outreach, use of expert validators, and development of easy-to-understand content for lay audiences.

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Our Services

Through our communications and public relations programs, our clients can count on effective tools to credibly position their organization. Our job is to drive compelling messages using traditional and digital media, 3rd-party influencers, and engaging stories.

  • Outreach programs in traditional and new media
  • Management strategies for influencers
  • Bilingual content development and publishing services (Spanish / English).
  • Radar: media services and reputational intelligence

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