Strategic Advice

Communications can make the difference

We believe communications should be a strategic function in any  organization. Our consulting services and advice have helped leading companies across sectors. Communications done right, can enhance corporate reputation and build collaborative relations with stakeholders.

Our methodology: Tailor-made solutions

We work closely with our customers to ensure communications are aligned with the organization's strategy and business processes, always asking  “How can communications generate value to the organization?” Answering this question requires strategic thinking, experience, and independent vision to arrive at solutions that work.

We then  develop a roadmap to cultivate processes that contribute to enhancing reputation. Based on the diagnosis and analysis of the situation at hand, we develop “tailor-made” solutions and programs.

Our experience allows us to identify how the strategic management of communication can make a difference and generate changes in audience perceptions.

Internal Communications


Your employees should be your most powerful brand ambassadors. Let us help you enhance the multiplier effect of dedicated, knowledgeable employees to help promote organizational change, minimize conflicts, and maximize productivity, among other development opportunities.

Executive Communications


Senior executives are the most powerful communicators an organization has. We can help your executives communicate the brand and the vision of the organization to facilitate strategic alignment, good corporate governance, enhance corporate culture, and position the organization within its sector.

Corporate Relations


Cultivating mutually collaborative relations between an organization and all of its stakeholders builds collaborative capital that minimizes resistance to the changes necessary to achieve strategic objectives.

Crisis Communications


In today's world, it is a matter of "when" rather than "if" an operational or reputational crisis will strike. Is your organization prepared to handle a crisis and then turn it into an opportunity for strengthening relations with your stakeholders?

Our Services

We are committed to generating results for our clients, developing solutions that mark a clear “before and after.” We know  many complex processes do not happen overnight and so our services range from strategic program design to tactical implementation.

We specialize in designing communication strategies founded on a thorough diagnosis, responding to our client’s particular needs. Examples of special situations where we have applied consulting practices include: communications during and after mergers and acquisitions (M & A), crisis (before, during, and after), business expansion, and introduction to new markets, among others scenarios.

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